How licensed online casino slot games have taken the online casino world by storm

Trends in the world of online slots tend to come and go. In fact, over the years there have been countless fads related to the format. However, every now and then a supposed “fad” comes along that proves doubters wrong and sticks it out over the long haul. It seems the licensed games have now shaken off their “poor quality marketing gimmick” tag that haunted the concept during its early days. Now it looks like every major TV, film, music, and video game franchise is trying to get a piece of the online slots market. Given how licensed online slot games are now darted all over the online casino landscape, the following looks at what developers and titles have helped bring the concept to such heights.

Board Game Inspired Fun

Before films, TV, and video games, there were board games. This timeless form of entertainment has brought families together for generations, so it was only a matter of time before the online slots realm updated some classic games for a new generation. Cluedo, Payday, Life, along with various other board games are now available in online slot game. The leading form of board game inspired online slot game is Monopoly Slots. Developed by IGT Interactive, the game has adapted flawlessly to the online casino domain. Featuring all the classic Monopoly iconography, this is a game that truly is a laugh a minute. It should also be noted that Mr Monopoly brings plenty of cash prizes to players too, meaning should you ‘pass go’ you are in line to win big.

The Reality Era

When it comes to television, we live in the era of reality TV. From Made in Chelsea to the Only Way is Essex; every channel is seemingly promoting its own reality TV concept. Game shows are also popular in today’s TV landscape, as they dominate the pre-6pm timeslot on UK TV. Given the popularity of both formats, they’ve been adapted for online casino audiences. When it comes to reality TV shows and game shows, Freemantle Media is the name to remember. Through such company the world has seen online slot games for the likes of X-Factor, Hole in the Wall, and The Price is Right be licensed. These games bring to life the true competition of the shows in question and are perfect fits for the online casino domain.

Silver Screen to Small Screen

If there is one concept that has provided more inspiration than any other when it comes to online slots development it is film. Film based online slot games have helped drive the licensed online casino slot game genre forward. When it comes to film inspired game development, several major companies have picked up the cause. Microgaming, through their own development style have injected new life into some forgotten move franchises. Tomb Raider, Hitman, and Jurassic Park have all been given the Microgaming treatment, long before the new-age reboots of the films came around. Playtech has also been hard at work, as they have adapted the Marvel Comic series into various online slot games. As for Microgaming and Playtech, it’s easy to find bonuses at casinos that offer their games.

New Age Entertainment

By taking a single glance at any casino blog you’ll quickly see that licensed slot games are now a major genre. It seems that players love the thrill of gambling through games that feature the image and likeness of their favourite film and TV stars. In many ways what the world has already seen is just the tip of the iceberg, as in 2016 and beyond licensed online slot games are only going to get bigger and better.

Mega Fortune makes another player’s dream come true

If you have ever played at an online casino you would have had the dream that every player has had. The dream that sees you become an overnight millionaire through one spin of the reels on an online casino game. The reality is that for 99% of players all this will ever be is a dream. However, when you look back through he annals of time you will see that for some players this dream has become a reality. Progressive jackpots have opened up the doors for players to win life-changing sums of money.  Countless progressive slot games have made player’s dreams come true in the past, with Mega Fortune being a game that can now be added to that list.

Looking back, 2015 has been a truly special year when it comes to progressive jackpot games. Payouts for players have been coming thick and fast, with players not being able to take a breath before the next one being announced. Mega Fortune may not rank as the most popular online progressive slots game, but that hasn’t stopped it from paying out in a big way. Since its launch it has paid out 9 times, making several millionaires in the process. It is the latest payout from Mega Fortune that has trumped all that has come before, as one lucky player has walked away with €3 million.

Considered to be one of NetEnt’s most popular titles, Mega Fortune is a game that has opted for extravagance when it comes to design. Not just happy to present a mega jackpot, it uses its design to present the finer things in life. Speaking of the finer things in life, that is what one lucky player from Helsinki, Finland will now be sampling. After placing a bet of just 40c, he saw the reels fall in a way that he never envision and he is now €3 million better off. He won when playing on a desktop computer and joins the list of players who have become a millionaire while playing Mega Fortune. His win came just two months after another player sent shockwaves through the industry when he won €4.6 million playing the very same game.

2015 has been the year of the jackpot in pretty much every sense of the word, as it seems that progressive games are paying out all over the place. Mega Fortune Dreams is another game that has helped make NetEnt an online casino favourite. It has also has handed out millions to players as of late. The game, which is also available in ‘Touch” form, paid out €3.1 million just this past July. The biggest payout of the year came in January, with it not being toppled in such stakes since. Mega Fortune broke its own pay out record during the first month of the year, when one player won a cool €5.7 million by placing a €1 wager at LeoVegas. It seems everywhere you turn there this year there is a progressive slot game paying out and usually paying out big.

Mega Fortune can be played at pretty much any NetEnt-based casino, and there are plenty of them around. This game provider is especially popular in Scandinavia and the UK, and you can easily find a decent bonus at a NetEnt powered casino at an online casino portal. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and try your luck on the worlds most popular jackpot slots!

5 slot games that players can’t get enough of

Online casino slot games dominate the online casino scene, with these modern games now eclipsing their traditional counterparts. What has made them so popular is their interactive nature and pick up and play approach to online gambling. Players are free to play for 5 minutes or 5 hours if they so wish, as the game on show will more than accommodate. Looking at the genre and what’s in store through various online casinos, the following are 5 slot games that players seemingly can’t get enough of.

South Park

South Park was a TV series that dominated the 1990s. Its crude and aggressive humour struck accord with audiences at the time, with its popularity only growing since. As time passed it became clear that there was a serious audience for an online slots adaptation of the series. Through South Park slots players can experience the show’s classic humour, all the while spinning the reels in the company of Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny to win big prizes. It is safe to say that very few games can deliver the same level of immature humour as South Park.


The adventures of Christopher Columbus may not exactly seem like amazing online slot game inspiration, but in reality his travels more than fit the bill. Taking players on a truly audacious journey through various continues, when you play Columbus slots you will get step aboard the Pita, the Nina, and the Santa Maria in order to set sail. When playing Columbus slots players need to keep an eye out for the man himself in particular, as he stands as the trigger for the in-game bonus round. Find him and you’ll be well on your way to receiving untold riches. If you like your online casino games with a slice adventure on the side, Columbus will definitely be the online slot game for you.

Thunderstruck II

The first Thunderstruck was a game that broke the mould upon its release, as players just couldn’t get enough of its interesting features and high quality graphics,. Considering it was a runaway success a sequel was inevitable. Enter Thunderstruck II, an online slot game that picks up right where the original left offer. Everything from the graphics to the sounds have been updated, thus presenting a brand new online slots experience to players. Not only has the game’s appearance been upgraded, but also so has the amount of paylines offered. Featuring an epic 243 ways to win, this game has rightfully earned legendary status on various online casino portals.

Finding a casino that offers Thunderstruck II won’t be a problem, as hundreds of operators feature the full range of Microgaming titles. An easy way to find them is to use, which has a large amount of reviews of Microgaming casinos.

Night Out

This game is a little bit different, as you will find very few online slot games that focus solely on the theme of socialising. That is exactly what Night Out does and it does it very well it must be said. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why this slot game has been such a big success. It sums up a night out better than any other slot game currently available, as neon coloured drinks, flashing lights, and lots of drama are featured within the games design. Next time you are looking for social slots experience, join Cindy, Roxy, and Kat in Night Out.

Desert Treasure

The final game on this list is one that transports players to sandy shores, as X certainly marks the spot in this sunny and summery online slots game. Desert Treasure is a game that can make your dreams come true, because if you can negate the cunning sheik, killer cobras, and enchanting princess successfully you may just secure yourself a big cash prize.